I want to thank you for offering me the opportunity to serve as your Orange County Commissioner. Together we have achieved so much in our community, and we must continue to work and fight to make Central Florida a better place to live, work, feel safe and raise a family.

As a dedicated wife, mother, business owner and first generation American, born and raised in District 3, I understand the concerns of those who call Central Florida home. My over 17 years of experience, including my Commissioner duties, as well as my federal and state government background, continue to make me the best person for the job.

I strongly believe that if we can continue to work together, we can boost economic growth, pursue affordable housing options, protect our environment, strengthen our transportation system and bring better paying jobs to our area. We must also work to provide opportunities to our residents with county resources, programs, and services. Orange County’s potential is limitless – but it takes strong leadership, hard work, and dedication to see the potential realized.

I have the great pleasure of raising my family in District 3. They give me the strength and encouragement to serve again as your County Commissioner. I humbly ask for your support and vote because we have a lot more to get done!

Mayra Uribe
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